Acrobat Ants


There are numerous different types of acrobatic ants, however they’re very
commonly distinguished by their heart shaped abdomen.

They’re also fairly small and normally don’t exceed 5.4 mm in length.

Their colors range from dark brown, black, and reddish black.


Acrobatic ants preferably nest in locations that have plenty of moisture, especially
under rocks, rotting wood, and in tree stumps. They frequently nest in wood that’s
already been damaged by either termites or carpenter ants to push out wood scraps
and dirt, which leaves debris that’s commonly mistaken for a termite infestation.

Occasionally, these ants can strip insulation near wires, causing short

When invading homes, they make their way in by making trails underneath the
door threshold or even follow shrubs and plants that touch the house. Then they’ll
seek out a dark, moist location that has access to a large food supply of either
meats or sweets.

They normally eat other insects or honeydew, which is the excrements of
sap-eating insects called aphids.